Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bees are Buzzing

Saturday found us in the mountains enjoying the last of the snow, wildflowers, and various shades of green.  A late afternoon-early evening walk produced a different view of an area we traverse regularly in the morning.  Every yellow flower we approached had a buzz to it.  Yes, it was time to make some wildflower honey.  Below are some photos of those making this productive sound.
Pollen is visible.
This photo offers lots of detail - not actual size of bee.

 The large patches of these yellow flowers, continuously hummed while we stopped for a snack and water.  Each bee moved strategically from one flower to the next in search of food.  Their productivity went beyond the conventional stop at a grocery store.

I think the yellow flower is Dyer's Wood which is a weed found in the mountains of this area.

Me and the bees hope you have a productive week!

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