Sunday, May 14, 2017

May Flowers & Bees

Today we walked about 6 miles up in the mountains.  At the 8000 ft. level and higher there was still snow but at about 6000 level, snow was gone and early flowers were in bloom.  We came upon a wild apple tree that was loaded with blooms and bees.
The bumblebee is right in the middle enjoying these apple blossoms.
As we moved up the path, we saw numerous flowers displaying various shades of yellow and blue.
Early yellow.
Light blue with mix of green.

We came upon the start of a new beaver dam.  Lots of energy in cutting down 2 and 3 inch aspen to dam the stream in 3 places.  We watched a dam progress last year with constant cameos from the builder.  It will be interesting to see what happens with this one since this stream disappears after the snow has finished melting.

A lovely walk with the promise of many more to come this summer!  Regardless of how many times I hear the buzz of the bees, I always find it welcoming.

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