Friday, April 10, 2015

April Has Arrived

Winter in the Wasatch Mountains was a non-event this year.  There was enough snow for the ski resorts to open but we did not have one opportunity to snowshoe. To the south, Arizona experienced a winter of sun and moderate temperatures as well as enough rain to bring color to the desert in April.  A quick glance to the Eastern U.S. tells a very different story.  Snow, freezing weather, and strong wind made for a challenging and long winter.

April and Spring are emerging with color from fruit trees and daffodils.  The days are getting longer and the daily temperatures are warming.  A couple of geese have filled their nest with eggs by the base pond as mud turtles fight for space on the warm shoreline.  We all welcome the return of familiar sites that tell us that winter has passed.

This first wild flowers of 2015

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